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The Simple Meaning of Yoga, Types and Benefits| Osteoporosis and Yoga ,edition 6

9.Osteoporosis and Yoga

Osteoporosis is a major problem that many people have to live with as they age and it is particularly more of a problem with elderly women.

Yoga can help many of these people to reduce the effects of osteoporosis on two different fronts.

Firstly yoga is one of the best methods of helping people to get a better posture and in doing so it also assists in helping to strengthen all the supporting muscles and tissues that help you to retain that posture.

By keeping your body in alignment there is considerably less strain on your joints, bones, tendons and ligaments.

The other way that yoga helps reduce the incidence of osteoporosis in elderly people is by improving and assisting in all the other functions of the body thereby lifting the overall health of the person to a higher level.

The improvements in the circulatory system and digestive system ensure that the maximum benefits are retained from the food that is consumed and this helps to boost nutrition.

Osteoporosis is made worse by a lack in suitable nutrition of essential elements and anything that can be done to improve this and ‘feed’ the body it’s necessary requirements will help to ward off osteoporosis.

Yoga is one such method of assistance and the fact that it can have such a big on digestion and elimination, apart from the other factors mentioned previously, shows why yoga is a wise choice for quality of life as we age and particularly those people who are more susceptible to getting osteoporosis.

As with any other part of the body from the muscles to the skin, the bones can be strengthened from regular quality exercise and there is no form of exercise better than yoga to give the body an all over fitness boost at any age.

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