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Self Improvement, The 12 Steps to Take One Day At A Tme, edition 11


Visualize how you would feel and the changes that would be if you broke off from your habit, for example if you are a smoker and wish to stop, then picture the differences it would make if you did stop and replaced smoking with a more positive habit like working out, Picture yourself being able to breathe easier, your taste buds improving, your clothes, hair and home smelling fresher and cleaner and what you could buy from the money you saved. 

Take one day at a time:

Always take one day at a time when trying to break a bad habit, never look into the future and start to think how will I cope in certain situations. Choose a day to give up your habit and stick with it no matter what comes up. Also keeping a journal can help you to deal with kicking off your habits and likewise helpful in getting your thoughts and feelings out at the most frustrating times. 

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