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Self Improvement, The 12 Steps to Take One Day At A Tme, edition 10

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11. Self Improvement , Happiness and Material Things

In a society known to believe material possessions are what is important, it can be hard to believe that owning material possessions isn’t what brings happiness. However, how common it is to hear someone say β€œif only I had this or that, I would be the happiest person on earth”,  getting what they wish for then could not fully satisfy only to begin to dream and wish for something better. 

The newness of having a material possession then wears off, this is an example of stages in the growing up process when one desires for a special thing and quickly they are discarded when something new comes onto the scene. 

The following factors are the determinants to what brings happiness and eventually leads to abundant lifestyle.

1. If you trust in the creator of the universe.

2. if you have good health through taking care of what you eat, exercising regularly.

3. If you have loved ones around who always brings you happiness.

4. And lastly if you are an honest, kind and truthful personality.

All of these are attributes to happiness and gaining material things.

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