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Self Improvement, The 12 Steps to Take One Day At A Time,editio 5

If we don’t learn to take things with a grain of salt and not worry about every little thing and stress becomes habitual then it can have a severe effect on your health. “Burnout” is the term that is commonly used and you can burnout through problems caused by work, your lifestyle or individual personality characteristics. 

The symptoms of burnout can be varied but all have an adverse effect on health and happiness over the long term if you don’t change the situation that causes it. 

A loss of physical energy:

If you are continually faced with stress then it can have a draining effect on your body and mind, this will make you feel as though you have less energy and can make you totally lethargic. You may no longer have the interests you once had or the social life you once did, even the thought of getting out of bed may seem like too much trouble. 


Stress leads to frustration because you may feel sad for no particular reason, impatient or even ever changing moods, this will eventually lead to you feeling as though you are losing control over your life or that you no longer have the ability to control it. 

Problems in relationships:

You may find that you are letting relationships slide, this could be because you find yourself losing patience with people around you, you have less interest in things you used to do with others or you feel you can’t mix with people you used like being with. 

A pessimistic outlook:

When you are feeling burnout it gets increasingly harder to become excited about life and the things you used to do and enjoy, your thoughts turn ever increasingly to negative ones rather than positive and you find it harder to look on thebright side in any situation. It becomes almost impossible to take life with a grain of salt and let even the smallest of things roll off your back and you gradually get deeper into a rut. 

Here are some quick tips to avoid burning out:

– Learn a relaxation technique such as meditation.

– Get plenty of exercise every week.

– Make sure you eat a sensible and healthy diet.

– Take time out for yourself everyday.

– Learn to shrug your shoulders and cast aside anything that  you cannot possible change.

– Do something that you enjoy doing everyday.

– In a particularly stressful time, relax as best as you can, take  slow deep breaths and count to ten.

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