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Lifestyle| 10 Productivity Tips for Work at Home Business Entrepreneur

Staying productive all the time is a difficult challenge for many people. If you are normally unsatisfied with your productivity, the following productive tips can help improve an healthy life work:

1. Be passionate about your work

This is arguably the most important productivity tips. When you do what you believe in and passionate about, you will have all the motivation to accomplish it. Your whole mind will be on the task so you are likely to put in more hours to achieve the best.

2.Be Income Oriented

You may be wondering why I would advise you to be income oriented when the main goal of working is to get money. It is not uncommon to hear people talk about how they can’t wait to get out of work; it is like they are imprisoned. This should not be the case for you, especially since there is no one supervising you. Be intent on making more and more income, and every time you make some more you will feel that the work has paid off, and that way you won’t relax on the job simply by developing a passion for the job for a reward – income.

3. Be an early riser (Sleep early too)

Mornings are normally the most peaceful times of the day, free from the normal hustles and bustles. This is the best time to accomplish your most important tasks since you mind is still fresh. Early risers also tend to be a step ahead of the rest since they have already settled by the time the day starts. Sleeping early helps you get enough rest in order to rise up early and fresh for the next day.

4. Organize your day before you start it, and evaluate it at the end

Before you start your day, identify all the activities you need to accomplish. Create a to-do list, organize them according to priority and estimate the length of time it would take to accomplish each. The biggest challenge to this is that some tasks tend to pop up during the day hence interfering with your schedule. Try always to deal with the most important tasks first.

Finally, before you leave, evaluate your accomplishments for the day and areas that need improvement. Don’t just make a to-do list, make sure you stick to it!

5. Avoid unnecessary distractions

As much as possible avoid things and requests that derail from you accomplishing your goals. 

Here are a few tips on how to avoid them:

  • Learn to politely decline tasks or requests that do not add up to your goals.
  • Avoid unplanned meetings as much as possible.
  • Work off-line or avoid the internet (whenever possible).
  • Delegate and outsource

If you are poor in doing something, chances are there is someone out there who is good at doing the same. Besides, you should avoid huge tasks which can be broken down and shared. Share it out and it will be accomplished efficiently without you being over-strained.

  • Embrace Healthy Living

Healthy living involves the uptake of proper nutrition and regular exercising which results in proper break-down of fats into energy (else all fats will be stored as body fat). A healthy person has higher energy levels hence is more productive.

  • Take regular breaks

Productivity is not the length of hours you have worked but what you have achieved. You cannot work optimally the whole period of time, therefore, you need to create breaks to allow you to re-energize .

  • Clear your workspace

Clearing your workspace (including the number of open windows on your computer and files on you desk) minimizes distractions hence allows you to focus on one task at a time.

  • Start with the most difficult tasks

Getting the most difficult jobs out of your way first in the morning will help you reduce procrastination and focus on other issues.

  • Create time for routine tasks

Create a specific time when you do your routine jobs like checking your mails, accessing your emails and social media. This way you avoid wasting time doing these tasks at different times during the day.

6. Get to be more organized

Though this can seem to be a normal thing, organized people get more done so easily. It requires that you get to analyze your techniques of working and see if they help you achieve more in a day or not. This can be achieved by finding out what technique works best for you. It is more profitable to use the tools that are at your disposal wisely and set some guidelines on how you do things. For instance you can have a guideline of how you respond to mails and which mails you respond to.

7. Re-plan your meetings

Using your calendar to its maximum is one of the ways to get the best in your work. Try to rethink how you do your meetings and reschedule some things so as to give you time to prepare. For instance if you have meetings running throughout the day, then you can reduce the time of each meeting from one hour to 50 minutes or from 30 to 25 minutes. This will give you time to prepare for the next one and get in when you are ready.

8. Design a stop to do list

Almost everyone has a “to do list,” which is a good thing. But one needs to have something else that is not quite popular. There are some things that you do in the office that are not that important and you are always planning to stop doing them. You need to have a “stop to do list”. This list should show the things that you should not do and how to stop them. A serious emphasis on this tool and technique can see one reduce the time wasted and spend it doing important things. In the event this will ensure that more is done.

9. Using Pomodoro timers.

A Pomodoro timer is a tool used by many people who seek to increase the amount of work done. This tool creates breaks in between your work to make sure that the level of productivity is increased. Those who use it always takes a 25 minutes sprint working, then take three to five minute break then back to work. The techniques ensure that you maximize your

concentration then take a break to allow the brain to cool off. It is a very effective tool for increasing productivity.

10. Automate some things

If it is possible to automate those things that you can be automated to save the time and use it to do other things. Some of the things one can automate include social media posting, email marketing tools and many other things. Using some automation software like Hubspot is one of the most effective ways of increasing how much you can do at work.

At the end of the day, using some of these tips and techniques is the best way to go about increasing the amount of work done. They are the simplest, easiest and most effective tools and tips that anyone can apply. One thing about them is that it is not hard to learn them and they simply do not require rocket science to make them work. This is to say that they are applicable to anyone and anywhere.

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